At C3, we focus on your injury and how it’s affecting your body and your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you heal so you can return to your favorite activities sooner (pain & injury free!). 

Our physical therapy treatments include pre- and post-operative therapy. We also make recommendations for you to incorporate into your daily routine – techniques for proper lifting, improving posture, exercising, and more. 

Here are a few examples of the conditions we treat with physical therapy: 

  •             Shoulder Pain
  •             Hip Pain
  •             Knee Pain
  •             Plantar Fasciitis
  •             Achilles Tendinitis
  •             Foot / Ankle Pain
  •             Elbow Pain

ARP Therapy

When you’re in pain, you find ways to make it hurt less, and often put more stress on your body in the process. ARP therapy is designed to identify those patterns of compensation and correct them by re-educating your muscles. 

Want to see results in less time? 

C3 is a pioneer in electrical stimulation. Over the past decade, we’ve used ES technology to help our patients identify the location of their injuries, reduce pain and inflammation, and restore normal uncompensated movement.